It's quite possible you will never, See behind your head. Even with the best of mirrors, And bounciest of beds. The greatest technologies, That Sysamoto Corp has to give, May never let you login, To the dark side of your noggin, To view the unknown area you live. To be sure others have tried, A survey team from Omaha, Who lost their marbles and cried. Still another “expert” from Denmark, Said he'd view the back of his head first, Did he? Sadly no, He ended up in a hearse. Another sage from India, stood up and said, “My friends, do not be silly, There is not a back to any ones head.” Lastly a small boy from Florida (Billy), Asked his mom one sunny day, “Mom I trust you, Is the back of my head grey?” The mom said “No, of course not son!” Realizing then, what she had just done. Shouting to all who then would hear, “If we would just trust one another, All of the back heads would appear!” And so it was, this strange tale. Trust is such a little thing, unless it is to fail. So keep trusting, And never let it die, Trust in the young and old, The lazy and the spry. There is nothing that will come to ill, By giving trust away, Nothing that matters to those who know, So give it a chance, ok?