Dear Eater

There are people that will rob, The very sense from out of your head. They sop your intellect out with biscuits, Made from disinformational bread. They will not be satisfied, To be your lord and leader, It is only when you are penitent, Eating directly from their feeder. Do not give your voice away, To those who freely dismiss it. Do not accept words as facts, If the words themselves don't sense it, To these kind you are a number, And there are many more to take your place, Many more to give their freedoms, To give away their head space. Use your voice against these bakers, These loafers using nonsensical yeast, Do not let their ideas rise up, In your thoughts and in your beliefs. For these ideas that take too much, While providing nothing in between, Will slowly burn each batch, these people hatch, No buttering-up nor gravying-over can redeem.