god is....

god is white. What's that you say? god is white. He is in America anyway. Here we all trust in him. My community adores. Because my community looks like him. his son's pasty picture is on the door.

god is white. Don’t you read? his Word says it plainly, Well, it says it mainly It would be so unpatriotic Not to see it the samely.

god is white. god is the best. god is for America And not for the rest. god gets us money. god gets us food. he’s chained up in our basements So he’ll follow our rules.

god is white. And you are not. And that's ok. To be that way. Because god is perfect, And others just aren't.

god is white. god is rich, he's a consumer, he's a business boomer, he's a marketing crooner, he's a tycoon loomer at least that's the rumor..

god is white. To all who agree, All who look like him, Who look like me, And for anyone else, Against god you must be.

god is white. You cannot change, The mind that is mine, The beliefs that I range, Because if this simple fact, Is simply not to be, Then I may have to love others, The ones that don't look like me.