In this time of war and strife, Let’s purge the modern artillery. For what I have in mind is of more infantile design, And may save us all eventually. Have you ever heard a baby scream? A toddler not getting it’s way? These tots let out the most excruciating thoughts, No soldiers ears could withstand, And so voila, I give to you The “PaciCryer Cannon”. Just point it at those dogs of war, And unleash the nappy time cries from Shannon. 10,000 decibels at least Will ring the ears in pain and grief And scatter hardened forces to the north, south, west, and east. To be sure, other models will follow, But one question must be asked of us, And that one is: Are we so hollow? This tactic, this method of war is great, It will save lives, possibly by a factor of eight! But still, to use this force means there's too much ill will that be, Even if we're quashing it by means of an infantillary.