Poodle Relief

Help I married an Ad. Yes, I know it's sad. Yes I know it's bad. And I know I could have avoided. A pop-up blocker would have destroyed it, Or her, actually, But she was cute in her frame, And it seemed all the same, When she asked me (just me) to affirm the CAPTCHA, Yes and also for donations to feed, The starving poodles that zillionaires leave, When they go on vacations. And before I even knew it, My credit card I had typed, Those rich poodles she had hyped, Were now a bait and switch, For a marital form, Now we’re hitched! Apparently the music playing in the back, Was matrimonial at that, And who was presiding at the time? Hidden form attributes that were in line! So now under vow, I must endeavor to ask, Since I popped up here During your task, Won’t you click here to save a poodle?