A raindrop named Su, Was falling through the sky. It didn't remember not being a raindrop. It didn't know it could not fly. Su thought about the clouds, It didn't know what they were, So Su called them whisps, Because (to Su) they were. And then Su saw something, Just peeking through the mist, Su became exited, Su thought “Something new exists!” But it kept growing, on and on it went. And Su got an uneasy feeling, That it and Su might hit. And it kept growing. And Su kept falling. And Su tried stalling. And Su tried balling. But the ground was calling.

A puddle named Su, Is laying lazily on the ground. It didn't remember being a raindrop, It has always been where it was found. And now Su stares up, up, at the sky. And now Su thinks, “Oh how pretty, I wish I could fly”.